When I first started this blog I made a promise that I would share my failures as well as my successes. Up until now there hasn’t been anything really to report in the failure stakes because, well, everything I cook turns out pretty much as I’d hoped. So, maybe you could say I’ve become either complacent or cocky and when this happens failure is just around the corner.

It was all going so well. The dough was behaving and as I left it to rise in an oiled bowl loosely covered with a teatowel (a rather fancy teatowel too) things were going to plan. When I returned an hour later it had puffed up nicely and was beautifully springy to the touch. I was feeling fairly smug as I transferred the dough to the tin it would be baked in. Left it again to further rise for another 30mins. But when I returned this time it was looking distinctly flat and had as much give as a rock. Perplexed I thought it would be fine once I popped it in the already pre-heated oven. In it went and my fingers I crossed. To no avail. As I watched it from outside the oven door I willed it to rise but that bread would just not budge. Not an inch. Not at all!

I was so furious with the damn thing I almost threw it out the window but a hungry husband urged me not to. So I sliced and buttered it, served it with some soup and pretended to myself it was perfectly edible – kinda like a denser wheaten bread. Who am I kidding – epic fail alert!!! I was too angry to take a photo – this abomination did not deserve to be documented. If no photographic evidence exists, it didn’t really happen, right?

I wracked my brains, as to what could’ve gone wrong. I read the recipe a dozen times and still could not fathom where I had messed up. Then it came to me. I’d purchased a different yeast a few days before (in Wholefoods no less) so I promptly examined the back of the packet. Aha! There it was in black and white: dissolve the yeast in warm water before adding it to recipe. I curse you silly ‘dissolve before use’ yeast. This is the 21st century. I don’t have time to be dissolving yeast for goodness sake. Suffice to say I will not be buying this yeast again – too bad I have two more packets in my cupboard, grrrr:(