Okay, let’s get the ‘almost’ bit out of the way to begin with. These would be entirely vegan if you used vegan chocolate. Simples. I tried to find Ghiradelli’s semi-sweet choc chips and Lindt’s 70% dark choc (both of which are vegan friendly) but to no avail:( I settled for Ghiradelli’s 60% Bittersweet that does contain some milkfat but hey, I’m not completely vegan (yet!) and tentatively putting my toe in the vegetarian world, so for now this will suffice.

Vegan? Vegetarian? What on earth am I talking about? Let me clarify. PeaSoup is transitioning from meat-eater to vegetarian and possibly even vegan. Yes, really. Now, I don’t want anyone to panic and decide to never cook any of my recipes ever again just because they will contain little or no animal products because right here, right now, you have my personal guarantee that I will only ever post the ultimate in delicious meat-free dishes. C’mon, it’s me! I LOVE FOOD! Nothing has really changed apart from the fact that my green journey has led me to a place where I feel it is no longer appropriate for me to eat meat. It’s a personal decision and don’t let any veggie tell you it’s not.

Nor should anyone make another person feel bad about they eat. I’ve been a meat eater my entire life. I stand by what I said a few posts back – I love the taste, texture and variety of meat. Yes, I still believe that comparing eating a chicken breast to that of eating human flesh is ridiculous and no, I wouldn’t eat my dog (although I have been known to grab him and say ‘you’re just so cute I could eat you up’!) but I have happily chowed down on a bloody, practically still mooing beef burger. Despite this, giving up meat is proving to be surprisingly easy – granted I am at the very beginning of my journey – but over the past two months our meat intake has been halved, quartered and now eliminated entirely.

This is very exciting for me because a whole new culinary world has opened up before me. You would not and will not believe some of the recipes I have in store for you guys – I almost cannot contain myself! I’ve now got a backlog of delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes just waiting to be unleashed onto this little blog and hopefully into your kitchens. I can’t say I’m not worried that my readership might initially dwindle so I’m pleading with you to stay with me a little while longer just until you try some of this magnificent food before making your mind up.

Let’s start with something sweet – I think it’s for the best way really; sugaring the pill, if you will;) This practically isn’t even a recipe. It could not be simpler but also could not be more divine. The proof being that when I fed them to my husband’s colleague he just about popped with enthusiasm. I myself was pretty pleased with them although I cannot take all the credit, as they’ve been doin’ the rounds on the vegan blogs for a while now. Here’s where I could trace them back to:




Raw foodies don’t despair because if you leave off the chocolate these little morsels are just as heavenly.

So, there you have it (I believe I used this very conclusion in my first ever post on…….beef stroganoff! How ironic, huh?) my foray into the world of veg has officially begun. I hope you stay with me for the duration, as I have a feeling it’s going to be an interesting ride! xx


1/2 cup pecans or raw almonds

1/2 cup medjool dates

1/4 cup shredded coconut

a few drops vanilla essence (nb. not flavouring)

1/2 bar Ghiradelli’s 60% Dark Choc – or any chocolate to your liking.

Put all the ingredients apart from the chocolate into a food processor or small hand blender.

Blitz until all the ingredients come together. Empty contents into a bowl. Prepare/line a baking tray. Roll six medium sized balls from the mixture and place in the fridge to set.

Melt the chocolate – I prefer the double broiler method. Boil some water in a pan and then reduce the heat right down. Place a bowl on top of the pan  ensuring that it is not touching the water. The steam will do the work. Break the chocolate into the bowl and melt slowly not allowing any steam to meet the choc, as it will seize up and not be lovely and glossy.

Take out the truffles and roll each of them in the chocolate. I use a fork to scoop them out. When they are all coated put them back in the fridge to set for several hours. You can keep these in the freezer, fridge or in an airtight container in a very cool place – it is chocolate after all:)

I recommend eating two, one after the other! Pure greed but lush:)