Just in case there was any confusion, doubt, whatever, PeaSoupEats has now officially moved to a new domain – eek!

It’s taken a while to sort and was a tad more complicated than we expected with some pretty scary moments where we thought we hadn’t successfully transferred everything (can you imagine!) but we got there in the end.

There will still be a few hiccups no doubt (there’s a weird paragraph thing happening at present) but the worst is over – I hope. So, with that said let me guide you to my new home over at………. www.peasoupeats.com where I shall be continuing my blogging journey with more vegan recipes, fashion, cosmetics and general chit chat.

I don’t know about you but I am super excited to be embarking on the next stage of my travels where I hope to (not to sound too corny) take it to the next level. I’m planning on filming more vlogs for my peasoupeats youtube channel and I’m also seeking to expand the horizons of peasoupeats venturing into other areas such as style and the like.

Please join me in saying a fond farewell to this wonderful little bloggy blog (it has served me well and for that I am ever grateful) and a big hello to the new (but old and with all my recipes – don’t panic!) blog over at peasoupeats.com!

top photo: incredible tomatoes from my local farm shop

bottom photo: a little bit of wisdom with your tea? (yogi teas)

Want to know what I ate Wednesday? Well then, you’ll just have to mosey on over to peasoupeats.com to find out! ‘Cause that’s it folks. Last post on here. Ever. Got it? You need me, you know where to find me, right? Okay, I think I’ve hammered it home. Ah, what the heck, for prosperity: peasoupeats.com

I really am going now. Really. I’m off. Toodles. See you over at….oh, you get the message……..

Love you…….

……..peasoupeats.com 😉