Welcome to PeaSoupEats. I am PeaSoup (my Husband’s nickname for me) and these are my eats.

My blog has been up and running for a year now and what a year that has been. In that time we’ve moved from Chicago, spent some time back in my homeland of Ireland, had a brief stint in the Midlands before finally settling in beautiful, wonderful, glorious Cornwall.

We have a darling flat in Penzance with a teeny weeny kitchen, which I adore. I live for cooking and I love my vegan lifestyle.

When I’m not cooking I’m acting. I love trash tv, cocktails, vintage clothes and all things kitsch.

I hope my recipes taste as good in your kitchen as they do in mine x

If you’d like to contact me shoot me an email:



24 thoughts on “About”

  1. Sean McGonagle said:

    Hi Aine,
    If you’re going to review restaurants you really should tell us where they are. Apart from that I quite enjoyed the read. Reminds me of Elizabeth Davey. I’d recommend her travel/cookery books if you haven’t already read them

  2. Hey Sean,

    Yes, a slight oversight on my part but I thought maybe the link would cover it. It was the The Strand branch in London but I’ll edit my post to include that info now:) No, I haven’t read Elizabeth Davey but thanks for the tip. Hope you continue to read, I’m still learning so it should only get better.

  3. Do you mean Elizabeth David Sean? One of the greatest cookery writers of the 20th century? Respect her enough to get her name right!! šŸ˜‰

  4. Did you know Dani has a food blog of sorts as well?
    actually I think it’s been months since she last wrote but maybe it’ll give you ideas? I think it’s great you’re doing this šŸ™‚

    • Yeah, I used to read Dani’s blog but as you said I don’t think she’s updated in a while and she’s taken the link off her facebook page. I kinda just write about what I cook – nothing is really planned other than my weekly menu, which determines what we eat in the evenings – but I’ve been doing that for years anyway. So glad you’re reading:) I’m really looking forward to Six Dead Queens, it’s going to be awesome!!

  5. Hi!!

    My name is Angela and I got your blog off the Nigella food forum. Just wanted to say how much I like your blog.

    This is mine:

    Can’t wait to try some of your recipes they look wonderful!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! As for your question, I often use applesauce instead of oil in my baked goods to lighten up the calorie and fat content while still providing moisture to the baked good. Iā€™d recommend it in muffins, cakes and quick breads ā€“ like this one ā€“ over things like brownies and cookies. I find the latter need the extra fat to get the texture the way I like it.

  7. Fristly thank you so much for coming by my blog. Its lovely to make your acquaintance and in turn find your lovely little blog. There are a number of recipes there that are making me drool and your photographs are lovely. I wish you well and sincerelyhope you get that cookbook published – Oneday.

    PS I really love the last line of your introduction ‘hope my recipes taste as good in your kitchen as they do in mine’. Thank you.

  8. Lovely blogsite! : )

  9. Thanks Lisa – hope you come back and visit again:)

  10. Anne McDermott said:

    Hi Aine, Just read the come dine with me in ‘Pure’ Was really impressed, dont have your email address or phone number so mabe you could send them to me and we can keep in touch?

    Lots of Love,
    Auntie Anne

  11. OMG I love your blog! I’ve also just left Chicago – so bummed that I didn’t find this sooner. I’m trying to get my husband to eat healthier – as of now, I have to be a “sneaky vegan” but it’s totally working!

    Looking forward to trying your recipes and would love to re-post them on my site (http://sneakyvegan.blogspot.com) if it’s ok with you! Cheers šŸ™‚

    • So pleased you like my little blog – I really like yours too:) I miss Chicago, such a brilliant city. It’s fantastic your sneaky ways are working – it won’t be long before your husband is requesting vegan meals!

      Please feel free to re-post my recipes, it would make me very happy:)

      I shall put your blog on my blogroll x

      • oh yay, thank you! You’re on my inspiration list as well šŸ™‚ keep the good stuff coming. i’m looking through your recipes now to find something to make for our dinner party tonight!

  12. Lisa Hutton said:

    Hi Aine,
    I stumbled across your blog when I was noseying why you were posting food recipes on fb lol!! This is brilliant and appeals to all audiences vegan or not!! I really like your take on brussel sprouts because I have never been a fan and in our house they are a Christmas staple!! Hope you are keeping well and have a lovely Christmas. I can see that you have a natural talent for cooking and sharing it so I will be keeping an eye on here for some more tips – and I love the pics – arty but you can also see the food which is good to see if I be making things right lol xox

    • Yes, a bad habit of mine (posting recipes on FB) but I just can’t help it:) Thankyou for leaving such a lovely comment. You’ll never guess what I got for Christmas? A super duper DSLR Canon camera – eek! Unfortunately for my poor hubbie it didn’t arrive in time (stupid Citylink!). When it does arrive though my photos should be even better! I totally agree with you – I hate photos that don’t properly display the food. I added some chopped chestnuts and flat leaf parsley to the brussels (a last minute decision) and they were soooo amazing. This is now my patented Christmas Brussel Sprout recipe;) Please keep reading, many more great recipes to come xxx

  13. Hey, would you be interested in having your recipes featured on vegan.fm? If so, email me at adam@vegan.fm

    Love the blog.

  14. Hello,

    This is Jasmin from A Touch of RoJo and my husband and I have decided to pass on the Stylish Blogger Award to you. This is the point where you jump up and down and scream. šŸ™‚ First, we hope that you haven’t been nominated before. Second, we would like to mention that we love your blog. The sushi rolls? I mean c’mon, what a great recipe. And the vegan sugar cookies are so going on my to-do list. My aunt is a vegetarian and these recipes are a great source of inpiration for us in the kitchen. It’s funny because when I was living in the States, I had to eat a lot of vegan meals. But upon moving to South America, where everything is naturally and organically fresh, I haven’t had to be so strict. However, we still drink lactose-free milk because the whole milk is FRESH from the cow. Keep up the good work and we’ll keep reading. Check out our blog for instructions.

  15. Hi Jasmin! First of all let me just say how incredibly thrilled I am – you have made me one very happy blogger:) Eek, I don’t know what else to say except…..thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! Yay!

  16. I love your blog! Please, please, please set up an RSS feed? How about if I add “pretty”? Or if you have a link to your RSS let us know. Though maybe….perhaps I can follow you via WordPress.

    Anyway, great work! Great blogging! Great food!

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